Caregiving Tips

We offer various supports to help you engage in social and recreational activities more easily. We work together with you to find the best assistance that fits your specific needs related to your disability. Since these needs might change over time, we make sure that all NDIS-funded supports meet the funding criteria.

To figure out if social and recreational supports can be funded, consider these questions:

  • Is the support directly related to your disability and necessary for your participation?
  • Does it match the goals outlined in your plan?
  • Does it give good value compared to other options?
  • Will it be effective and helpful for you?
  • Is it legally compliant and safe to use?

We only fund social and recreational supports that are directly connected to your disability, meaning you need the extra assistance because of its impact. Please keep in mind that we don’t cover registration fees or standard equipment costs for these activities.

Social and recreational supports should help you achieve your plan’s goals and be cost-effective compared to other choices. We also check if these supports increase your independence or reduce the need for future support. Additionally, we consider whether renting or leasing equipment might be a smarter financial move than buying it outright.

We make sure that funded supports are effective and helpful, making it easier for you to participate in activities that might have been challenging due to your disability. Safety and following the law are top priorities, and we carefully assess everything to prevent any potential harm to you or others. For example, before funding adapted sporting equipment, we might have an occupational therapist check to make sure it’s safe and suitable.

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